Solitaire and mahjong are the most closely similar games. Both are games based on elimination and also demand a good memory of the players. Although solitaire is the more understood and most likely played globally, the mahjong game is actually of the same concept but lee popular among online gamers. Some see these games as boring and uninteresting, yet at some point of using their PC were able to play a game or two with each of these games.  The most common thing in between both of these games are that you need to eliminate all items that are in the screen and finding where the items belong.


The game is featuring a set of items on the screen that needs to be cleared or removed or group together, in doing so, the player will gain a point or be a step closer to winning the game. As the game starts, each of them has some items on the screen arranged in a certain manner. As the game progress and the player scores, he will be able to slowly reduce the number of items on the screen and continue to do so until there is none left.

The Difference in Between the Two

                Noticeable, both of the games use a different medium. The solitaire uses a deck of cards. Solitaire presents a row of cards that have cards face down and a card facing up at the bottom of the column of each row of cards. On the other hand, mahjong uses tiles of different pattern and is arranged in different levels of complexities. These are the only elements that the two games are not the same but in all categories, gameplay and other aspect of the game; these games are a lot more alike compared to other games online.