Themahjong game has been already a part of history and has been played all over the world. It already has made it in the history books of China and has created a religion around it. Gambling is usually involved in such games when it is played in real time setting. This increases the popularity of the mahjong game and it’s really great for the game.


The Dark Side

However, the gambling part of the game has tainted its good image. As people are getting hooked in the mahjong games, betting and in game cheating is virtually unrestricted. People get into fights just playing the game. A lot of people have made an illegal living using the mahjong game, putting up gambling houses for patron to play and collecting fees of some sorts. But players are willing to pay such fees for they can always get their money back through gambling in the game.

Cheating is always present in gambling. No matter what type of game it is, gambling is always there whether it involves the players or just the onlookers of the game. The tension in these areas has been always on a high and can escalate quickly to a fight or something more gruesome. So getting involved in mahjong games that has a mix of gambling is not a great idea.

The safe online version

Compared to a real mahjong game, playing mahjong on the internet is another story. The user involvement with other players is only through online connections. Players are able to talk to each other through chat and can sometimes throw some trash talking as the players play the online version of mahjong. Gambling is also present, but in a much more controlled environment. Players are able to agree with  their gambling rules and should be without being physically present. In this way the game is played in a more competitive level without risking violence.