The ancient game the china has been believed to improve a player’s memory. The game requires fast calculation, a great memory and some smart guessing. These skills are essential in winning the game and to win consistently requires practice and some luck. Remember that the tiles are over each other as the game starts so you really have to think smartly in order to win the game. As you become more familiar with how the game is played, you will likely develop a much sharper memory.


The Memory Enhancing Effect

                As the game is generally played by remembering, you are actually developing a skill of remembering things. This part of the game is believed to have a memory enhancing effect that goes beyond the game. As you begin to play the game, you will have tiles all over the place and locating the tiles quite takes a lot of time. If you have a good memory you will be able to quickly locate these tiles and pair them together in a faster pace that would eventually allow you to win the game.

Furthermore, as you continue to play the game. Your brain will somehow create a pattern of thinking that would somehow change the way you approach the game and make things a lot simpler. Taking time to think strategies to help you win the mahjong game will definitely make a great difference as you go about the game.

Clearly, the mahjong game is a memory challenging game; some even called it a brainteaser game. This is because one of the main focus of the game is the ability of the players to concentrate on the game. Focusing or locking down on something is quite hard especially in a mahjong game where there are a lot of tiles to thinks about.

Although some may argue that these facts are reputable however, the fact really couldn’t be denied that the game has the capacity to really improve the memory of a player and even able to enhance how the player think both in an in-game situation and in real life.