For the people who enjoy playing games that require a higher intellectual level, mahjong is one that can really challenge you. The difficulties presented in the mahjong game are varied compared to other popular online games. These challenges are able to meet certain people’s standards of what games should be. Furthermore, highly intelligent people are sometimes gauging themselves with games such as these to make a conclusion about them and their character.


Degrees of Difficulty

As most games have, the mahjong online game has also levels of difficulty that players can choose. Easy, Medium and Hard are the most common way of describing the levels of difficulty of a game and mahjong has the same pattern. Novice players are advised to select the easy mode of the mahjong game. This is intended for beginner players. The game is presented in a less complicated manner to cater the skill and ability of a novice player but also enough to challenge how the novice player thinks.

The medium difficulty mode is for those who have enough experience and knowledge of the game. Like the concept of the easy mode, the medium difficulty level is presenting a higher level of complexity about the game. Still aim to challenge the experience player which pushes the player to seek a better solution for the puzzle or situation provided in the mahjong game.

The Hard level. The description pretty much sums up everything. Mind boggling presentations of the mahjong tiles are on the screen and challenges that are able to cause headache to others. This level is designed for those experts of the game. These players are able to find a way around these challenges, but not until the game is able to push them to their limits.

These are the levels of the mahjong game and it never fails to challenge even the most experienced player out there. All you have to do is to continue practicing the game and eventually you will be able to react to the game as if it is second nature.